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Implementation Dates
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Implementation Dates
Implementation Dates
Period   Implementation Matters   Notes
August   • Hold an Operating Committee meeting (confirm the event dates, guidelines, etc.)   Design Council Busan
and Website
Early September   • Announce the guidelines of the IBDA
Sept. 02 (Mon) ~ Oct. 27 (Sun)   • Receive entries (online)
Mid October   • Hold an Operating Committee meeting (recommend and select the Panel of Judges)
Oct. 30 (Wed)   • Conduct the 1st round of screening for the online entries
Nov. 01 (Thu)   • Announce the screening results
Nov. 02 (Fri) ~ Nov. 17 (Sun)   • Receive the actual pieces offline from the entries selected from the 1st round
Nov. 21 (Thu)   • 2nd round of screening of the actual pieces
Nov. 25 (Mon)   • Announce the final results
Dec. 04 (Wed)   • Awards ceremony and opening ceremony
Dec. 04 (Wed) ~ Dec. 6 (Fri)   • Exhibition of the winning pieces
Dec. 07 (Sat) ~ Dec. 9 (Mon)   • Return of the exhibition pieces and clean up

※ The above schedule may change in part due to the circumstances of the organizers.